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Participate as an Undergraduate Research Assistant

Thank you for exploring the possibility of becoming involved in the Social Cognition Laboratory. The success of this laboratory depends heavily on the involvement of bright and motivated undergraduates and recent graduates, and we welcome your interest in this research. To learn more about specific research projects, please visit the research page.


As a research assistant in the lab, you may have the opportunity to participate in and learn about many phases of the research cycle. Depending on when you become involved and the duration of your involvement, you may play an essential role in the initial planning and design of studies, recruitment of participants, collection and analysis of data, and preparation of data for presentation and publication. Undergraduate research assistants also may participate in the lab for Psych 199 credit, and develop independent research projects.


If all of this sounds intriguing, please complete an application for a lab position RA Application and submit it to socolabmanagers@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest!


SoCoLab promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion. We are committed to supporting the career development of students from all backgrounds, including members of underrepresented groups. We are committed to an intellectual climate that is at once welcoming, nurturing, and challenging, and that respects the full spectrum of human diversity in race, ethnicity, gender identity, age, socio-economic status, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, and religion. Members of the SoCoLab work actively to create and maintain an environment of safety, mutual respect, and support.


Please note the following minimum requirements for being a research assistant in the lab:
    *3.0 GPA
    *Must be able to commit to working at least two quarters